How Vianova’s Remote Patient Monitoring Mitigates Emergency Visits

Navigating the challenge of keeping chronic disease patients away from the emergency department (ED) is a pressing concern for healthcare professionals. The lack of continuous monitoring and adherence to treatment plans often results in these unplanned ED visits. To combat this, many clinicians are turning to Vianova’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) solution as a strategic approach to limit these occurrences.

Modern RPM systems, such as Vianova, offer real-time data updates upon a patient’s vital reading. This constant stream of data from connected devices provides comprehensive insights into a patient’s health journey, enabling healthcare providers to gauge adherence to health goals effectively. Platforms like Vianova’s alert care teams when readings fall outside predetermined thresholds, signaling the need for immediate intervention. Timely connection with patients allows healthcare professionals to advise on necessary actions, significantly reducing the need for emergency care.

In this discourse, we’ll delve into the ED dilemma and explore how Vianova’s RPM solution is instrumental in curbing these incidents.

Addressing the $32 Billion ED Conundrum

Research on avoidable ED visits has unveiled a staggering annual cost of $32 billion to the U.S. healthcare system. Aside from the fiscal strain on Medicare and Medicaid, the outcomes of patient care in these settings do not consistently align with positive results. EDs operate in a high-paced environment, lacking comprehensive insights into patients’ conditions and medical histories, unlike healthcare providers.

Common reasons for ED visits include:

– Irregular physician visits for chronic patients

– Non-compliance with care plans or medication

– Readmissions post-hospitalization due to missed follow-ups

– Inability to reach doctors upon noticing symptoms or abnormal readings

Chronic disease patients constitute a substantial portion of ED visits. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) notes that 22.9% seek emergency care due to one chronic condition, with figures escalating for multiple conditions.

Conditions like hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease are prime candidates for monitoring via Vianova’s Remote Patient Monitoring system. What do the findings reveal about the correlation between RPM and reducing ED visits?

Insights from Research on RPM and ED Visits

Research studies and industry findings shed light on the impact of RPM programs on diminishing ED visits:

– 25% of healthcare organizations report RPM reduces ED instances and readmissions.

– A comprehensive review of 91 studies highlighted that 49% reported decreases in ED visits, especially notable in COPD and cardiovascular disease patients.

– Studies focused on COPD patients showcased a potential 35-68% reduction in ED visits and hospitalizations.

Mitigating ED Visits through Vianova’s RPM System

Vianova’s RPM system primarily impacts ED visits in two key ways:

1. Long-term insights: Daily vital data collection provides comprehensive insights into a patient’s chronic condition, aiding in nuanced care adjustments and proactive discussions with patients.

2. Immediate intervention: Instant response to escalated situations enables clinical teams to review critical readings, contact patients promptly, and take necessary actions, averting unnecessary ED visits.

Implementing Vianova’s RPM Program

An effective RPM initiative involves meticulous planning, including patient education, seamless device integration, secure data transmission, and a robust communication channel. Vianova’s RPM solution offers:

– Patient enrollment and education support

– High-quality, user-friendly, and secure RPM devices

– Customizable threshold settings and bidirectional communication within the RPM system

– Professional support with licensed nurses monitoring readings and facilitating timely interventions

Unlocking the Potential of Remote Patient Monitoring

Beyond mitigating ED occurrences, Vianova’s RPM solution opens doors to comprehensive remote care, extending healthcare beyond conventional boundaries. 

Vianova’s commitment to leveraging RPM for reducing avoidable ED visits ensures enhanced patient care without burdening healthcare staff.


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