Transitions you can Trust

Transition from hospital to home with confidence

Why we’re all about Transitional Care

Going from hospital to home is one of the most overwhelming patient experiences

For patients

Vianova’s Behavior Based AI Platform offers patients guidance and support during the process of transitioning from hospital to home

For Providers

Support patients through their transition to home while dramatically reducing readmission rates and length of stay.

Why hospitals and doctors choose Vianova for Transitional Care?

We’ve redefined engagement between patients and providers with digital care and human touch services.

Daily engagement
Reduction in emergency visits
Nurse to patient ratio
Interaction with Rita
1x per day (5mins)
Cost savings
Reduced blood sugar

Customize Your Patient Experience

Create customized care plans to support your patients the way they need

Easy Patient Onboarding

Easy Patient Onboarding

Before discharge our team trains patients to use our platform so that they can transition to home with confidence
Hospital Discharge

Hospital Discharge

At discharge our team ensures that patients are ready to implement their transitional care plan
Virtual Visits

Virtual Visits

Check in with patients using our easy to use in-app chat and video call featurespatients are ready to implement their transitional care plan
Patient Monitoring


Patient Monitoring

Keep an eye on your patients’ vitals and data in real time

How Vianova Does Transitional Care

Rita nudges patients to take their medications and log it into the app

Our Platform makes it easy to monitor patients in real time

Receive alerts to catch emergencies before they happen

Contact patients anytime using our chat, call, and video-call features

Health coaches support patients throughout the process


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