Behavior AI in Education

Vianova’s Model of Education centers the student and their needs by surrounding them with the right people working within the right framework.


The Value of Teachers

Teachers are the key to a successful educational experience. They are sources of knowledge, guides who model the process of learning, and hold students accountable through tasks and projects


A Supportive Environment:

Family and Friends A supportive group of family and friends is key to creating a proper learning environment where students can succeed.


The Support System Triangle, which is the default model of education, is missing a fourth pillar – Rita.

Rita, our behavior AI platform, helps students learn, motivates them to build healthy learning habits, and makes sure that students are rewarded for their efforts while using our Education platform.


Rita is a tool of Balance and Connection: Rita creates a balance, making room for each pillar to function at its best and assures a better future of learning and growth for the student.

Vianova’s Model of Education centers the student. By using our behavior AI, developed after years of research, we help students develop the habits and tools they need to succeed in an ever changing world.

What are the core behaviors in Education?

At Vianova, we believe that learning is a process made up of a series of core behaviors and habits.

Using our Behavior AI platform for Education, we foster success in learning through the use of techniques such as Positive Reinforcement, Repetition, and Memorization.

These techniques create an environment that fosters a habit of learning.


Assignments, quizzes, and engaging daily tasks help students self-assess their progress.


Daily engagement with core content creates a spiral of learning. Students continuously develop their knowledge base and increase their depth of understanding as they progress through their courses.

Habit of Learning

By combining memorization, repetition, and positive reinforcement, students develop core behaviors that naturally extend into their everyday life, creating a lifelong habit of learning.

How do we make it easy to learn?

Through Vianova’s conversational learning method, students constantly interact with their educational content Vianova’s behavior AI platform allows for the customization of different teaching methods, so students with a variety learning styles to benefit By using rewards to positively reinforce learning, Vianova’s platform encourages students to keep going.

The numbers speak for themselves

Our Education Behavior AI has over 130,000 subscribed users from 212 different countries

66.8% of these users believe that the the content is assisting them with educational topics they are interested in learning

More than half our users are between the ages of 21-28 Over 84% of tests taken have resulted in a score of over 80%

Heifer International is a global nonprofit working to eradicate poverty and hunger through sustainable, values-based holistic community development.


Using Vianova’s platform, Heifer is expanding their Read to Feed program. Read to Feed is a reading progress program that creates donation opportunities to fight worldwide hunger and poverty.


Children are motivated to read because every chapter read triggers a donation from family and friends that helps to end hunger and poverty.

Children form great habits: both the habits of reading and learning, but also the habits of giving and engaging. Vianova’s platform targets core behaviors, but is easily customizable to encourage building a variety of healthy habits, including the habit of learning, the habit of giving, and the habit of engaging.


Clinician developed care plans focused on medication adherence, vital readings collection, and disease based education, along with coaches who work with patients to develop healthy habits. 


Our platform focuses on providing students with engaging, easy to learn content while they develop the habit of learning.


 We make it easy for nonprofits to engage their donor base through updates and fundraisers, while smoothing the way to spread the word

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