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About Us

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Our Story

Maybe this is the pursuit of all pursuits.

We are a group of award-winning innovators with backgrounds in twenty five industries and from over three continents.

We seek out chaos, the way moths fly towards fire. What drives us, may destroy us. Many of us are children of war, the rest of us are the children of struggling immigrants.

Our habit is to run towards chaos, those are the moments when our purpose aligns, when our path seems clearest, and when we feel life flow through us.

We live in continuous survival mode. We figured out a way to make it work. Chaos is what we know, it’s our first home.

Developing positive habits is our greatest personal pain point. Focusing on the small or the mundane is eerily unfamiliar.

But there comes a time when you outgrow your first home, or it starts caving in on you. Either way, it’s time to find a new dwelling, to go from a life in chaos to a life in habit.

“Chaos often breeds life, and order breeds habit” – Henry Adams


Bold, Genuine, Authentic, Pursuing True Impact, Depth, Subject Matter Expertise, Innovative, Dynamic, Creative, Technical, Psychology, Technology, Resilience.               

Our company is bold. We don’t imitate others. We choose to be significantly unique! We want to alter the system, to change the game. We want to focus on healthy behaviors. We don’t want anyone to ever feel stuck. Instead, we want to light the way.

We think it’s crucial to mention that we’re genuine and authentic. You may ask yourselves, how can your company prove that? 

Our previous work is what proves it. To us, this movement isn’t about abundance or wealth, it’s about waking people up from this long hibernation. We want to help people build their lives so they can dream big and reach beyond their goals. 

Our purpose is to make society a safe place for people to thrive. 

The truth is, like every other extremely innovative company, we weren’t as genuine in the beginning. 

But by building ourselves a better future, we decided we want to share our vision with others. We spent a lot of time, and a lot of effort to get here, but the impact we have made on society balances out every difficulty we had to overcome along the way. 

By pursuing true impact, we found ourselves. 

Most of you will think: “but you’re only a tech company?” – Exactly. Technology is only a tool. Combine technology with behavior design, creativity and innovation, and you get Vianova AI. 

Our goal is to finally start using technology for the right purpose. We want technology to serve as a link between people and healthy habits. Through technology, we’ll transform the world one habit at a time.  

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