Augmented Intelligence

At Vianova, we spent years exploring the idea of using artificial intelligence to support our users through the process of behavior change. After working with thousands of users, we realized that what is missing from artificial intelligence was basic human connection. 


When we launched our first RPM program, our team started by monitoring patients via text or even phone calls. Over and over, our patients would comment about how good it felt to talk to someone and “not a robot”. 


Human beings have a fundamental need for connection, and however good an artificial intelligence platform is designed, it cannot replace the emotional and social intelligence that comes from communicating with an empathetic human being. 


We noticed that when patients had access to human connection, we saw big – some might even say – miraculous behavior changes. Suddenly patients who had never followed their physician’s care plan were not only following that care plan, but enthusiastically participating in their growth. In short, they were thriving. 


Instead of focusing on artificial intelligence, we are now focusing on augmented intelligence. We believe that by combining the emotional and social intelligence of human beings with the technology that makes it easy for them to scale that intelligence, we can help bring behavior change to everyone. 


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