new beginnings

The fresh start effect

What if we started viewing our lives like a tv-sitcom where every day starts fresh like a new episode?


Behavior change experts talk a lot about developing a routine, so this may seem counterintuitive. How can you build a solid habit if you are starting fresh every morning? 


Giving yourself the gift of a fresh start every week can actually be just what you need. When you start “fresh” this means you are leaving behind your old habits and routines, your old mindset, your old self and approaching your life with openness and curiosity. 


Ask yourself “What’s working for me, and what isn’t?”, “Am I building myself towards a higher purpose?”, “What can I improve or tweak to better achieve my goals?”


As 2023 is fast approaching, New Year’s Day is the ultimate fresh start. Use this next month to celebrate your growth over this past year, while dreaming of how you want to grow.


The fresh start effect focuses on now, it’s a sort of carpe diem that serves to remind you that your life is in your own hands. 



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