The Weight Of Goals

Happy New Year! Every January, we feel the energy of new possibilities, and many of us set out to begin a journey towards a better version of ourselves. 


Most of us inevitably begin by setting new goals or resolutions.. But let’s take a step back and learn from our previous attempts at change to see if we can develop a better process that will lead to the results we are looking for. 


If you look back at previous years, most of us will find that the goals and resolutions we set for ourselves were rarely achieved. Let’s analyze why by using a common goal that most of us may have – getting fit.


When we set out to get fit, we often set a lofty goal for ourselves like being able to bench 300 pounds. But, like most of us, if you haven’t worked out in years, you can’t start by lifting 300 pounds.  If you actually did try to, you would end up with a profound sense of failure that would crush you over time. 


Now imagine that instead of trying to lift 300 pounds, you were actually carrying around 300 pounds. This sound even more impossible, right? Yet this is what we do to ourselves when we create a binary sense of success or failure. We crush ourselves under the weight of expectations we are incapable of achieving on day 1. 


The key to success in moving towards a better version of ourselves is to just keep moving forward. The goals we set are our North Star and a guiding compass we check to make sure we are moving in the right direction.


At Vianova we believe no goal is too difficult or impossible to achieve. By using behavior science methodologies, we are able to build the habits for success in multiple arenas, including health or financial success. 


Let’s stop crushing ourselves mentally with 300 pound goals and start moving towards our North Stars. Let’s believe that 2023 is the year we become our better selves.


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