Origami Habits

Hey fellow humans, it’s time to get our fold on and talk about the connection between origami and behavior design!


You might be wondering, “what on earth do paper cranes have to do with shaping human behavior?” And to that, I say, “Oh my dear reader, just you wait and see!”


You see, origami requires a certain level of focus and attention to detail. It’s all about following a set of instructions step-by-step in order to create a specific end result. Sound familiar? It should, because that’s exactly what behavior design is all about!


Just like how you need to pay attention to the specific creases and folds in order to make that perfect paper crane, you also need to pay attention to the specific triggers and rewards in order to shape a desired behavior.


Plus, let’s be real here, who doesn’t love a good origami project? And let’s be even more real, who doesn’t love a good behavior change? So why not make it fun and enjoyable, just like folding a paper crane.


So, next time you’re folding your paper crane, remember, you’re not just creating a little birdie, you’re also shaping yourself into a better you, one fold at a time.


kAREEM syed


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