The Habit Prep with Forrest Gump

🎉🧠Welcome to the Wonderful World of Behavior Design!🧠🎉

Hey there, habit heroes! Are you ready to dive into the fabulous realm of behavior design? In this edition, we’re talking all about the pre-habit prep that’s essential for ensuring success. 🚀🏆

We’ll be drawing inspiration from the bestselling books “Tiny Habits” by BJ Fogg and “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and to make it even more fun, we’re going to throw in an example from an Oscar-winning movie! 📚🎥 So grab your popcorn and let’s dive in! 🍿

🧩The Puzzle Pieces of Habit Formation🧩

Before we jump into the magic of habit building, let’s break down the essential elements that go into designing successful behaviors:

  1. Motivation 💓: You gotta have a good reason to want to change, folks! It’s the fuel that drives the habit engine. 🚂
  2. Ability 🏋️‍♀️: Make sure the habit you’re trying to form is something you’re capable of doing. Start small, and remember: practice makes perfect!
  3. Trigger ⚡: This is the cue that prompts you to take action. It can be anything from an alarm, a location, or even a specific time of day.

🎬🏆Oscar-worthy Habit Illustration🏆🎬

Now, let’s bring this to life with an example from a beloved Oscar-winning movie: “Forrest Gump”! 🏃‍♂️🍫

Forrest Gump (played by the marvelous Tom Hanks) decides one day to start running, and he doesn’t stop for three years, two months, 14 days, and 16 hours! Now that’s some habit dedication! 😮

How can we apply the principles of “Tiny Habits” and “Atomic Habits” to Forrest’s incredible running journey?

  1. Motivation 💓: Forrest’s motivation to start running came from a desire to escape his past and a troubled childhood. His powerful emotions fueled his commitment to keep running.
  2. Ability 🏋️‍♀️: Forrest took one small step at a time, gradually building up his running ability. Remember, folks: it’s the tiny, incremental changes that lead to massive results!
  3. Trigger ⚡: Every day, Forrest laced up his trusty sneakers and stepped out the door. His consistent routine and simple triggers enabled him to establish an unstoppable running habit.

🔑🗝️Pre-Habit Prep: Unlocking Success🗝️🔑

So, what can we learn from Forrest and these habit-forming gurus to ensure our own habit success? Here are some key pre-habit prep pointers:

  1. Find your “why” 🎯: Understand the deep motivation behind your habit. It’ll keep you going when times get tough (or when you’re running across the country!).
  2. Start small 🌱: Break your habit down into manageable, bite-sized pieces. Like Forrest’s first steps, make it so easy you can’t say no!
  3. Set the stage 🎭: Design your environment to support your new habit. This might mean setting out your running shoes the night before, or prepping healthy snacks in advance.
  4. Pick a trigger 🚦: Choose a cue that’ll consistently remind you to take action. It can be as simple as Forrest lacing up his sneakers each day.
  5. Track your progress 📈: Keep tabs on your habit-building journey. Seeing your progress can be a powerful motivator

So get out there and start building those habits bit by bit.


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