Behavior Change in Healthcare

Transforming Health Behaviors through a Behavioral Approach

Projection bias, a common cognitive bias, often leads individuals to make short-sighted decisions based on their current emotions and beliefs. This bias arises from the tendency to overestimate how much our future selves will share our current preferences, values, and beliefs. In the realm of healthcare, where chronic illnesses demand long-term management and lifestyle changes, it is crucial to address this bias to promote healthier habits and improve patient outcomes.

Vianova’s Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform adopts a unique behavioral approach that effectively helps, educates, and guides patients with chronic illnesses to create healthier habits. By understanding the nuances of projection bias and designing interventions to mitigate its impact, Vianova empowers patients to make informed decisions that align with their long-term health goals.

Understanding Projection Bias in Healthcare

Projection bias can significantly impact decision-making regarding health-related behaviors. Patients may underestimate the extent to which their future selves will prioritize their health, leading them to make choices that cater to their immediate desires and emotions rather than their long-term well-being. For instance, a person with a chronic condition may neglect medication adherence, exercise, or dietary recommendations due to their current preferences or beliefs.

Addressing Projection Bias through Behavioral Approaches

Vianova recognizes the importance of addressing projection bias within the context of chronic illness management. The RPM platform integrates behavioral approaches that account for the cognitive biases affecting patients’ decision-making processes. By doing so, Vianova provides patients with the tools and support necessary to overcome projection bias and make more informed choices about their health.

Educating and Engaging Patients

Vianova’s RPM platform employs various educational strategies to help patients better understand the implications of projection bias and its impact on their health. By raising awareness about this bias and its potential consequences, patients are more likely to recognize when they are making decisions influenced by short-sighted thinking. By providing patients with accurate information and resources, Vianova equips them with the knowledge needed to counteract projection bias.

Personalized Goal Setting

Vianova’s RPM platform utilizes personalized goal setting to encourage patients to make healthier choices aligned with their long-term health objectives. By setting realistic and achievable goals, patients are more likely to adopt sustainable changes in behavior. These goals take into account patients’ preferences, values, and beliefs while guiding them towards making choices that prioritize their overall well-being.

Real-Time Feedback and Monitoring

Real-time feedback is a critical component of Vianova’s RPM platform. By leveraging technology, patients receive immediate feedback and monitoring of their health-related behaviors. This feature allows patients to track their progress, understand the impact of their choices, and make adjustments accordingly. By making patients aware of the consequences of their actions in real-time, Vianova helps counteract the biases associated with projection bias.

Behavioral Coaching and Support

Vianova’s RPM platform also provides behavioral coaching and support to patients. By connecting patients with healthcare professionals, patients receive personalized guidance tailored to their specific needs. This coaching helps patients develop strategies to overcome projection bias, offering insights and coping mechanisms to make healthier choices even when their future selves may deviate from their present preferences.

Projection bias poses a significant challenge when it comes to promoting healthier habits and managing chronic illnesses effectively. Vianova’s RPM platform acknowledges this cognitive bias and implements a behavioral approach to empower patients to make more informed decisions about their health. By educating, engaging, and supporting patients, Vianova successfully addresses projection bias, facilitating the creation of healthier habits and improving long-term health outcomes. Through this innovative approach, Vianova is making a positive impact on the lives of patients with chronic illnesses, promoting self-management, and fostering healthier lifestyles.


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