Choice overload and decision fatigue

Are you tired of constantly having to choose something? Has a small part of you ever wished for a coffee shop that offers only three types of coffee, or a restaurant with a simple menu that offers minimal options? 


Every day we are bombarded with having to make decision after decision, and soon that becomes overwhelming. The thought of having to make even one more decision feels impossible.


So the idea of improving your life with a new habit is laughable. Even when we long to improve ourselves, the decision load required to get started is too heavy.  What should the new habit be? When should I start? How do I know it’s the right choice? What if I fail? What if there’s a better option? These thoughts swirl around in your head until you’re more confused than ever. 


Next time you’re faced with having to make a decision, make it a little easier on yourself by getting out of your own head! Try writing down your thoughts, a pro/con list, a journal entry – really anything that helps you process your thoughts to help you make a decision. 

Start by writing about your feelings about starting a new habit. What do you want to improve about yourself and your life?  Try it now and see if that helps you.  


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