Case Study: IP Petrol

Gamified behavior apps- the future of retail and customer loyalty 

Many of our clients want to provide their customers with an enhanced, app based experience, but often struggle with how to successfully develop an app that encourages sustained engagement over a long period of time. At Vianova, we have discovered that when we apply behavior design principles to the apps we develop, we see strong results for our clients. 

IP Petrol’s success story

IP Petrol, one of the largest gas station companies in Kosovo, is one client we successfully collaborated with recently. The IP Petrol App includes a gamification structure which has made it hugely successful.

Our gamification structure is simple, but powerful. App users earn points based on their spending at IP Petrol stations. As their points accumulate on a meter, anticipation builds, incentivizing app customers to keep returning to IP Petrol.  When a customer earns a target number of points, they earn a free spin for rewards at the station such as snacks, energy drinks, or windshield washer fluid.

“Once we started using this app, our customers became more loyal to our gas stations. It was the gamification that awakened the happy hormones of our customers. Every time they got rewards, they would come back for more. Vianova really cracked the code with this app. It’s incredible.”

– CEO of IP Petrol


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