Patient Experience

When is something worth the wait?  

Whether it’s at the grocery store check out, or the latest ride at Disney, there are times we all have to stand in line. But some lines can be particularly agonizing, like the wait at a doctor’s office. 

So what makes waiting a doctor’s office particularly painful? Usually patients feel like there is a lack of connection and engagement with their doctor. The visit can feel rushed and overwhelming, with a lot of information thrown at a patient that they do not have time to absorb, never mind having the time to ask questions. 

A remote patient monitoring platform can really make a difference when it comes to the quality of a patient’s experience. In-office visits become an additional interaction with their doctor, rather than the only interaction. When patients see that their doctor is paying attention to their daily habits, and making real time adjustments to medications based on daily monitoring, they can feel the difference in the quality of care they receive. 

When patients feel heard, the wait at a doctor’s office becomes worth it. 


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