“Revolutionizing Nephrology Care: Gamified RPM and CCM Platform for Improved Patient Outcomes”

Vianova’s gamified, behavior-based RPM and CCM platform for nephrology practices is designed to improve patient outcomes while driving revenue through new Medicare CPT codes. By incorporating care coordination initiatives, practices can stay connected to patients’ health outside of the office and manage chronic conditions effectively.

Our platform provides user-friendly tools and seamless integration with your EMR to monitor patient behaviors in real-time, including medication adherence and treatment plan follow-through. By leveraging the latest in cellular-enabled devices, such as remote scales, blood glucose monitors, and self-monitoring blood pressure devices, you can track various vitals and receive alerts for abnormal readings that require immediate care.

Our built-in care plans for chronic kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, and other disorders are aimed at improving patient outcomes. By customizing notifications for vital readings that are outside acceptable ranges, you can encourage a quick response to patient health issues.

With Vianova’s integrated RPM and CCM platform, you can access patient vitals directly from within the patient chart, view individual measurements or averages over time, and note abnormal readings that require immediate attention. Our platform’s full EHR integration eliminates the strain of changing platforms, keeping your workflow familiar and streamlining the application of clinical protocols.

Overall, Vianova’s gamified, behavior-based RPM and CCM platform provides improved clinical outcomes and allows nephrologists to make more informed decisions about a patient’s treatment plan. With real-time data collection and multi-condition monitoring, our platform gives you a comprehensive look at patient care, ensuring that your patients receive the care they need to maintain their kidney health and manage co-morbidities effectively.


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