Tips for Successful Onboarding

If you are using Vianova as your RPM solution or considering implementing Vianova, there are specific features and functionalities that can enhance patient engagement and adherence. Here are some tips for using Vianova to set your patients up for success:


  1. Utilize Vianova’s interactive onboarding process: Vianova offers an interactive onboarding process that guides patients through the setup of their devices and helps them understand how to use them effectively. Take advantage of this feature to ensure that patients are confident in using their devices from the start.
  2. Leverage Vianova’s patient education materials: Vianova provides a wealth of patient education materials that can be customized and shared with patients. Use these materials during onboarding to educate patients on the importance of regular readings, how their data will be used, and the benefits of RPM.
  3. Customize RPM schedules in Vianova: Vianova allows you to customize RPM schedules for each patient based on their individual needs and preferences. Work with patients to create a schedule that fits into their daily routine, making it easier for them to consistently take their readings.
  4. Utilize Vianova’s messaging and communication features: Vianova offers messaging and communication features that allow you to easily communicate with patients, answer their questions, and provide feedback and positive reinforcement. Use these features to establish ongoing communication with patients and keep them motivated to continue taking their readings.
  5. Take advantage of Vianova’s reporting and analytics capabilities: Vianova provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities that allow you to monitor patient progress, identify trends and patterns in the data, and intervene early if any issues arise. Utilize these features to track patient engagement and adherence, and make data-driven decisions to improve patient outcomes.
  6. Tap into Vianova’s customer support and expertise: Vianova has a dedicated customer support team that can provide ongoing coaching and support to help you optimize your RPM program. Take advantage of their expertise to continuously improve your onboarding process and patient engagement strategies.


By incorporating these tips and leveraging Vianova’s features and functionalities, you can enhance patient engagement and adherence in your RPM program, leading to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.


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