The Basic Rules of Nudging

Nudges are an important part of behavior change. When incorporating nudges in a healthy way, it’s important to understand the basic rules


Be Transparent: nudges should be transparent, otherwise they can cross the threshold into being misleading or even manipulative.


Don’t Be Pushy: Nudges aren’t meant to be pushy. Nudging should feel as easy as a click, but it’s just as important to be able to easily stop a nudge. When we feel we are being forced to do something, many of us end up feeling resentful, which makes the desired behavior even harder to implement into our lives. 

Know Your “Why”:
knowing why a nudge will improve your life is vital to sticking with the desired behavior. When you understand why you are doing something, it feels more like a deliberate, positive choice instead of a pointless act. 

Nudges can have an enormous impact on your life. Keep these rules in mind the next time you want to use a nudge to make a positive change. 



Donika Berishaj



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